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Microsoft® Access 97 Quick Reference

By Rick Winter
The Microsoft Access 97 Quick Reference is the latest in a series of comprehensive, task-oriented references and details how to use the features and functionality of Access 97. Compiled for the intermediate-to-advanced user who wants a concise, comprehensive reference, the Microsoft Access 97 Quick Reference is loaded with detailed instructions outlining important tasks you need to complete.
The Microsoft Access 97 Quick Reference presents the tasks and functions most often sought by users of Access 97. The book also includes a comprehensive glossary with many terms and definitions that refer to the newest features in Access 97.
The Microsoft Access 97 Quick Reference is written for casual to advanced computer users who need a fast reference to Access 97 tasks, functions, and features. It is an ideal companion to Que's Special Edition Using Microsoft Access 97. The Quick Reference size makes it ideal for travel.
If you are upgrading from Access 95 or Access 2, you will find this reference useful for finding new features and looking up new ways of getting a job done. If you are converting from other field data types--for example, dBASE, Paradox, or Btrieve--this Quick Reference might be the right amount of instruction you need to transfer your know-how investment to new products.
As a reference, this book is not intended to tutor learners. If you are just starting to use Access software for the first time, or are a very casual user, you might want to consider Que's User-Friendly Using Microsoft Access 97 or The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Access 97 as a book to get you up to speed. For beginner or very casual task reference, check out Que's Easy Microsoft Access 97. If you want the most complete reference as well as tutorial and foundation information, then you need Que's Special Edition Using Microsoft Access 97. This Microsoft Access 97 Quick Reference makes an ideal companion to the comprehensive Special Edition.

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