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Sybase SQL Server 11 Unleashed

by Jeff Garbus
This Unleashedbook is meant for anyone who is responsible for designing, building, administering and tuning systems that rely on SQL Server. Among other things, this book contains performance information you may not find anywhere else, including tuning methods and advanced SQL techniques that are undocumented or not well described.
  • System Administrators will learn how to install and administer SQL Server. You will also learn about important standards and protocols to ensure that SQL Server applications can be maintained and supported for the long haul.
  • Database Administrators will learn to make the best use of SQL Server objects and datatypes and will learn to write effective stored procedures and triggers. The “Performance And Tuning” section of the book will help you understand what’s going on under the hood of the server, including a detailed analysis of the query optimizer and the physical storage mechanisms used by SQL Server. You can start to understand what performance you can reasonably expect with SQL Server so that you can focus on problems that you can really fix and on practical solutions.
  • Programmers will learn how to write code that runs well on SQL Server and will acquire a complete understanding of how the server interprets SQL statements when running. We also provide a solid foundation for your work in C and Visual Basic with DB-Library, ct-Library, and ODBC in the “Introduction to Open Client Programming” section of this book.

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