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Using Oracle 8

Macmillan Computer Publishing
Welcome to Using Oracle8! This book identifies the many functions an Oracle DBA needs to perform on an Oracle8 database and explains how to do them as efficiently and effectively as possible. You learn about the key functions of database administration, including installing the product, designing and creating a database and its tablespaces, designing and creating the tables and other objects that make up an Oracle database, designing and executing a good backup strategy with a recovery methodology, and monitoring and tuning performance. You also learn about creating and maintaining users and performing an upgrade to Oracle8, as well as other tasks that you may need in your position as DBA. You also learn when and how to use the various tools Oracle8 provides to assist you in database management, performance monitoring and tuning, data loading, backup and recovery, and data export and import.
The book is designed to let you read about a topic at length when you have the time and the inclination, or to use as a quick reference guide when you need an answer to a pressing technical question or an example to follow when performing a specific task.
Using Oracle8 contains cross-references to related topics so that you can look at all aspects of a topic, even if they're covered in different chapters. These cross-references also enable you to read the book in any order you choose. If you run across a subject you don't fully understand, you can easily switch your attention to the area(s) identified and carry on your reading there. Where applicable, the book also references the Oracle documentation materials, so you can find even more detail if you need it.
Don't forget to keep this book handy at work, just in case you need to check something in a hurry that you haven't read about yet or is a new topic to you. Be sure also to use the tear-out card inside the book's cover. It contains some of the most common, but difficult to remember, information you'll need.

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